These Notecards are great as collector's items, or as an upscale way of communicating with your friends and family. I have organized several series of "Collector's Notecards into categories that represent the various subjects that I create. Each package of 5 cards is produced from one of my original creations, is printed on high quality card stock, and includes 5 matching envelopes. They are packaged in clear boxes so that the card face is visible from the outside, and a note describing the artwork is on the back of each package.

Recently I have standardized the purchase price of the packages at $15.00, which includes shipping within the US, and the entered into an agreement with Paypal to make your purchase transactions much more convenient. Paypal will accept most major credit cards in addition to their own accounts.

****Notecard Galleries****

Critter Notecard Gallery

Flitter Notecard Gallery

Native American Notecard Gallery

American Lighthouses Notecard Gallery

Mohican Area Notecard Gallery